Meeting Minutes, October 2002

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Pledge of Allegiance was omitted.
Meeting Minutes.
introduced new director Doug Houston.
Treasurer's Report.
Membership Report.
Magazine Report.
Web Report.
Trails Report.
Data Base Report.
Memorial Plaques.
Museum Report.
Next National Reunion.
Public Affairs Officer Position Created.
Folklife Festival Explained.
The 100th anniversary of the Forest service.
We should form an archives committee.
Everyone in attendance at a board meeting should be assigned to a committee.
Those attending board meetings should have name badges Long-Range Plan Revised.
New VP Named.
Nyquest Chief Trash Man in Missoula.
Rohrbach Suggests Lobbying for Additional Smokejumpers.
Twiss Elected.
Proceed with the fabrication of memorial plaques.
White's Boots.
A suitable gift for Roger Savage, NSA's first Webmaster and data base manager.
Kovalicky has nominated the NSA for a Citizens Environmental Award.