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Agenda: Introductions/Agenda Update/Opening Remarks.; a moment of silence in memory of and tribute to Jon McBride.; current events and developments regarding fire use, wilderness fire, and overall smokejumper numbers.; current efforts to identify and evaluate new smokejumper aircraft. There are very few viable, newer, affordable jumpship possibilities.; NSA Reunion Schedule of Events.; Minutes from our last meeting on October 8-9, 2009 in Boise, Idaho were approved.; Membership Report.; Review/Update of short term goals(1-3 years) for the NSA.; NSA's Long Term Goals were developed at our last BOD meeting in Boise. The discussion revolved around reaffirming those goals and the development of actions to achieve the goals.; NSA Board of Directors Succession Planning.; Trails program.; Magazine.; Treasurer.; What does the board need in terms of membership diversity and succession planning?.; Treasurer's Report.; Fire/Aviation News and Update.; Fundraising.; Merchandising.; Investment Report.; Trail Maintenance.; History update.; Budget.; Next meeting.; ACTION ITEMS from Redding, CA meeting.; ACTION ITEMS from Spokane meeting.;





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