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Publication Date

September 1993


1. Status of replacement N.S.A. seal
2. Interest on Principal
3. video
4. The Mountain Lookout Assoc
5. Conference Telephone setup
6. Long Term Lease on Building
7. Status of Master Rosters
8. Information concerning bank account in Boise
9. Status of Preparation of Letter for Russian Smokejumper Base
1. Current Membership
2. Financial Status
3. Application for Lower Bulk-mail Rates
4. Determination of cut-off dates for membership and renewals
5. Discussion About Prorating Costs of Utilities
6. Pictures Taken of Local Jumpers and Album
7. Discussion Concerning Advertising in the Greenbook.
8. Discussion Concerning Having Members of the 555th Parachute Infantry Join the N.S.A.
9. New Book by Asa Mundell on C.P.S. Jumpers
10. 1995 Reunion.
meeting adjourned



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