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May 1998


Treasurer's Report.
Copies of the report handed out.
Reduction of accounts.
Switch banking accounts.
Open a visa/mastercard account for payments.
Letter discussion dispersal of reunion funds sent to bases.
Combining permanent and lifetime memberships.
Total membership and delinquent accounts.
List of region 4 jumpers.
Old Business.
No Trimotor jump at Lufkin memorial. Available for video.Renaming of Winthrop airport to honor Francis Lufkin.
Adopt-A-Highway clean up cancelled.
Executive committee to reconsider the Hall of Fame proposal.
Back orders and stock.
Payment to send Merchandiser to McCall reunion. Request for smokejumper emblem.
Set next exec committee meeting date.
NSA mission.
Future income spending.
07/98 exec committee minutes passed out and approved.



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