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Soul of America Choir Concert at Cheney Congregational Church



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When Jesus Wept / William Billings
Performer: EWU Concert Choir and EWU Symphonic Choir

I Am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley / William Billings

Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal / Alice Parker
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir

Truth / Andrea Ramsey and Gardenia Bruce
Performer: Gavin Davis

Poor Wayfaring Stranger / arr. Jonathan Rodgers
Performer: EWU Concert Choir, EWU Symphonic Sopranos and Altos

Modern Musick / William Billing

Who Will Fight No More Forever / Chief Joseph (speech) and Andrea Klouse (music)
Performer: EWU Concert Choir

Zeros and Ones / Michael Engelhardt
Performer: Gavin Davis

For My Brother / Robert Ingersoll (eulogy) and Andrea Ramsey (music)
Performer: EWU Concert Choir,EWU Symphonic Tenors and Basses

Somewhere / Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim/arr. Robert Edgerton
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir

Give Me the Simple Life / Rube Bloom and Harry Ruby/arr. Kerry Marsh

When She Loved Me / Randy Newman/arr. Andrew Piper
Performer: EWU Collegians

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden & American Tune / J.S. Bach and Paul Simon/arr. Alexander Dunn

Because of Beethoven / Ludwig von Beethoven, John Lennon and Paul McCartney/arr. Alexander Dunn
Performer: Keleren Millham,EWU Guitar Ensemble

Reflections on Morris Graves / Morris Graves and Robert Vierschilling
Performer: Larry Jess

Precious Lord / Thomas Dorsey/arr. Arnold Sevier

Purple Rain / Prince/arr, Taylor Anzivino
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir

Make Our Garden Grow / Leonard Bernstein and Richard Wilbur
Performer: Larry Jess,EWU Concert Choir,EWU Symphonic Choir



Performance Date

Spring 6-7-2018

Performance Type

Student Performance

Soul of America Choir Concert at Cheney Congregational Church