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Trumpet Solo Night

Performance Title

Trumpet Solo Night



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Sonata - I. Allegro / Flor Peeters
Performer: Adam Gaulke, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 53s)

Concerto - II. Andante, III. Rondo / Johann Hummell
Performer: Christopher Knox, Carol Miyamoto
(9mn 26s)

Oliver's Birthday / Bruce Broughton
Performer: Corey Oglesbee, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 15s)

Rustiques / Eugene Bozza
Performer: Jesse Flanagan, Carol Miyamoto
(8mn 24s)

Trumpeter's Lullaby / Leroy Anderson
Performer: Joseph Youmans, Carol Miyamoto
(3mn 34s)

Intrada / Arthur Honeggar
Performer: Joshua Wisswell, Carol Miyamoto
(5mn 12s)

Elegy / Alexander Arutiunian
Performer: Megan Wedel, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 47s)

Vocalise opus 34 / Sergei Rachmaninoff
Performer: Nathan James, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 12s)

Konzert - II. Sarabande, III. Presto / Antonio Vivaldi
Performer: Sean Gienapp, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 26s)

Chorale et Variations / Marc Delmas
Performer: Skylar Belfry, Carol Miyamoto
(7mn 0s)

Rhapsodie / Eugene Bozza
Performer: Taylor Smith, Carol Miyamoto
(5mn 0s)

Petite Piece Concertante / Guillame Balay
Performer: Tristan Dodson, Carol Miyamoto
(3mn 52s)



Performance Date

Winter 2013

Performance Type

Other Performance



Trumpet Solo Night