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The Ice Age Floods Institute (IAFI) board minutes for the fall 2006 meeting in Cheney, Washington.

Business items covered in this meeting include: Personalized business cards, Bucy & Associates plan for interpretation in Washington state parks, Library collections at Big Bend Community College and Central Washington Library, signage projects, the IAFI logo, the IAFI store, dues structures, new board members, new chapters in Ellensberg and Stevenson, Washington, Elder Hostel, a hydrologists conference, filling the secretary role, IAFI endorsement of speakers, the semi-annual IAFI trips, the website, and using voice messages as interpretive tools at Ice Age Floods sites.

SPC 019-0708_01_17_10.pdf (1231 kB)
Treasurer's report


Ice Age Floods Institute Records (SPC 013-0708), Eastern Washington University Archives and Special Collections



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